This IDC Technology Spotlight, sponsored by Rambus, highlights the fifth generation of cellular network technology (5G) is scaling further in 2020, enabling a new wave of AI-powered end points. To remain competitive, manufacturers must implement enhanced security measures on edge and IoT devices designed for the increased performance in speed, latency, and connection density.

The technology spotlight discusses:

  • The sheer growth of IoT devices, increasingly AI-powered, coupled with expanded connectivity, will greatly escalate the growth of data and network traffic.
  • Increased connectivity could fuel complexity, which results in configuration weaknesses that expose the encryption keys that protect sensitive data and other secrets.
  • Manufacturers' of 5G-enabled IoT edge devices can assist customers by supporting secure key and data storage to keep sensitive data out of the hands of attackers.


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5G and AI Raise Security Risks for IoT Devices

5G and AI Raise Security Risks for IoT Devices