What’s Next for DDR5 Memory?

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With the industry now firmly on the path to enabling the next generation of servers with DDR5 memory, this presentation will look at what’s next in the DDR5 journey. Hear from John Eble on how DDR5 will scale to advanced performance levels, be deployed in new applications beyond RDIMMs, and how it is tailored for client computing systems.

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John Eble, VP, Product Marketing

John Eble

VP, Product Marketing, Rambus

John C. Eble received his B.Cmp.E. (’93), M.S.E.E (’94), and Ph.D. EE (’99) from Georgia Tech. From 1998 to 2001 he worked at Compaq on EV7 high-speed I/O circuits in the Alpha Microprocessor Development Group. He then joined Velio Communications as a circuit designer. In 2003, he joined Rambus Inc. where he has held many engineering and research management roles and specialized in the design of high-speed I/O and next-generation memory interconnect architectures. He has authored over 30 technical publications, 10 patents, and a book chapter. He is currently VP of Product Marketing for Rambus’ memory interconnect chip business unit.