The Rambus RT-631 Root of Trust offers security by design for applications that require Chinese crypto-based security support with cipher algorithms SM2, SM3 and SM4. The solution is designed for use in cloud, AI/ML as well as general purpose semiconductor applications.

The RT-631 protects against a wide range of hardware and software attacks through state-of-the-art anti-tamper and security techniques. It features a custom 32-bit RISC-V siloed and layered secure core, along with dedicated secure memories. The RT-631 also features high-capability cryptographic accelerators like AES and SM4 (all modes), HMAC, SHA-2 and SM3 (all modes), RSA up to 8192 bits, ECC and SM2DSA up to 521 bits, and a NIST-compliant Random Bit Generator.

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  • Features of the Root of Trust RT-631
  • Supported Cryptographic Algorithms
  • Use Cases

RT-631 Root of Trust Product Brief