This IDC Technology Spotlight Study, sponsored by Rambus, discusses how today’s datacenter infrastructure is more important than ever and is the foundation for the digital economy. Whether it’s serving up data to stream on our digital devices, gathering data for analysis to gain further insights, or storing data at the right place, datacenters are the hub of our data-driven world for both businesses and consumers alike. Yet, datacenter infrastructure must continue to evolve given the vast amount of data now being created in an efficient, cost-effective manner. Datacenters face many challenges in an environment of exponentially rising data volume growth that is increasing the demands put upon the memory subsystem. CXL technology aims to address these problems by providing cache-coherent memory sharing and improving datacenter performance and efficiency while lowering overall system costs.

Download this study to learn how CXL will:

  • Change the way computing is done and will represent a big architectural shift in the design of servers
  • Continue to garner broad industry support
  • Provide cache-coherent memory sharing, improve datacenter performance, efficiency, and lower overall system costs
  • Support backward compatibility with previous specifications and generations
  • Differentiate between CXL 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0

Revolutionizing the Datacenter with CXL