Quantum Safe Cryptography: Protecting Devices and Data in the Quantum Era

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Quantum computers will eventually become powerful enough to break current asymmetric encryption, placing important data and assets at risk. In this presentation, Bart Stevens will discuss recent developments in Quantum Safe Cryptography and highlight what you need to know to protect devices and data in the quantum computing era.

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Bart Stevens, Senior Director of Product Marketing

Bart Stevens

Senior Director of Product Marketing, Rambus

Bart Stevens is senior director of product management for Rambus Security. He is an expert on embeådded security for Enterprise, Cloud, Automotive, Networking, Wireless, IoT and Mobile applications. Before joining Rambus, Bart held positions at Inside Secure as Vice President of silicon IP and secure communication, and as Director of product management, with responsibility for security chip and silicon IP products. Prior to those roles, Bart managed SafeNet’s OEM networking and wireless HW research and development teams. He has also held product and engineering management roles at Securealink and Philips Semiconductors in the Netherlands. He began his career as an ASIC designer.