Join Rambus for a webinar exploring the number and severity of threats against government systems and critical infrastructure growing more frequently by the day. A focus on addressing the threats with hardened software systems is necessary but insufficient. As adversaries are increasingly sophisticated, protecting data and systems requires security anchored in hardware. In this webinar, Adelaide O’Brien, Research Director, Government Digital Transformation Strategies of IDC and Neeraj Paliwal, general manager of Security IP and Rambus, will discuss the need and solutions for protecting systems at the foundational hardware level.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Cybersecurity threats facing federal and state governments, along with key infrastructure, regulatory frameworks and technology funds available
  • Current market drivers and the critical need for hardware security
  • Recent examples that can help you focus your security in the right areas
  • Prioritizing hardware security today can protect you from potential challenges tomorrow

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