Protecting Devices and Data in the Quantum Era

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Quantum computers will eventually become powerful enough to break traditional asymmetric cryptographic methods, that is, some of the most common security protocols used to protect sensitive electronic data. This presentation will highlight the recent developments in post-quantum cryptography and discuss how designers can get ready for the quantum era.

Featured Speaker

Gijs Willemse Sr. Director of Product Management

Gijs Willemse

VP of Product Management, Rambus

Gijs is VP of product management for Rambus Security. Gijs has been working in the Security IP business for over 18 years. In various roles, he has always engaged directly with many of the tear 1 SoC manufacturers, securing their assets and protecting their products from vulnerabilities in the field. His roots are in the high-speed networking IPs deployed in modern data centers and 5G networks. With Rambus, its security IPs, small footprint consumer devices to high end/high speed server products are secured through their complete lifecycle. Gijs has a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering (Information Technology) from the Technical University in Eindhoven and he holds several patents.