Memory Systems for AI in the Data Center

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Developments in generative AI and Large Language Models are moving at a lightning pace. Incredible amounts of data must be processed and moved to train models which at their largest now exceed one trillion parameters. Join Rambus Fellow and Distinguished Inventor, Dr. Steven Woo, as he discusses the memory and interface technologies critical to powering next-generation computing architectures for AI/ML in the data center and beyond.

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Steven Woo, Fellow and Distinguished Inventor

Steven Woo

Fellow and Distinguished Inventor, Rambus

Steven Woo is a Fellow and Distinguished Inventor at Rambus Inc. Since joining Rambus, Steve has worked in various roles leading architecture, technology, and performance analysis efforts, and in marketing and product planning roles leading strategy and customer programs. Steve has over 30 patents in the areas of memory, memory systems, and neural networks. Steve received his PhD and MS degrees in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University, and Master of Engineering and BS Engineering degrees from Harvey Mudd College.