Innovations in CXL 3.0: Novel Device Types, Capabilities, and Interconnects

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CXL 3.0 introduces several compelling new features to address the rapidly evolving demands of future data centers. A new device type, CXL Multi-Headed Devices, has been introduced to support simultaneous connection to multiple hosts. CXL Dynamic Capacity Device (DCD) capability simplifies migration of memory resources between hosts. New CXL Fabrics offer substantial scale and flexibility in architectural design. Danny Moore will discuss these important new developments in the CXL standard.

Featured Speaker

Danny Moore

Danny Moore

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Rambus

Danny Moore is a senior product marketing manager for the Rambus CXL Processing Solutions team. Danny is a product management expert with over 25 years of industry experience focused primarily on the needs of the data center and cloud. Much of his career has been centered around PCIe, PCIe switching, PCIe fabrics, and fostering collaborations with CSPs to enhance the versatility and composability of compute, memory and storage infrastructure. Danny is presently focused on driving industry engagement and actively participates in key initiatives such as the CXL Consortium Marketing Working Group, the CXL 3.0 Task Force, and the OCP Future Technologies Initiative AI Hardware Software Co-Design Collaboration Workstream. At Rambus, Danny’s role centers on product planning to meet the needs of the next generation of data centers. In addition to his role at Rambus, Danny also serves as the Chairperson for the JEDEC CXL Controller Package and IO Task Group.