Inline Memory Encryption (IME) to Enable Confidential Computing for Data Center Designs

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There is a growing industry consensus on the imperative of incorporating memory encryption in computing architectures for protecting data in use. Designing and implementing a secure memory encryption system can be complex and comes with unique challenges from both the memory and security technology perspectives. Join Ajay Kapoor to learn how memory encryption can be used in your next data center design to enable confidential computing.

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Ajay Kapoor, Senior Principal Engineer Systems Architecture

Ajay Kapoor

Senior Principal Engineer Systems Architecture, Rambus

Ajay Kapoor is senior principal engineer systems architecture for Rambus Security IP. He is lead architect and product manager for the Inline Memory Encryption IP product portfolio. Prior to joining Rambus, Ajay was lead architect at a Neuromorphic Computing chip design start-up. Prior to this role, he was SoC architect and research scientist at NXP Semiconductors. He holds more than 25 patents, and his work has been included in more than 15 scientific publications. Ajay holds a MSc from Twente University and a BTech Electrical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT).