AI/ML changes everything, impacting every industry and touching the lives of everyone. With AI training sets growing at a pace of 10X per year, memory bandwidth is a critical area of focus as we move into the next era of computing and enable this continued growth. AI training and inference have unique feature requirements that can be served by tailored memory solutions.

Learn how HBM3E and GDDR6 provide the high performance demanded by the next wave of AI applications.

Download this white paper to:

  • Explore HBM3E and GDDR6 memory capabilities, including the benefits and design considerations for each
  • Discover how HBM3E and GDDR6 can meet the unique needs of AI/ML training and inference
  • Look at the challenges and solutions for implementing HBM3E and GDDR6 memory interfaces

Download our white paper: HBM3E and GDDR6: Memory Solutions for AI