Created to support 3D gaming on consoles and PCs, GDDR packs performance that makes it an ideal solution for AI/ML inference. As inference migrates from the heart of the data center to the network edge, and ultimately to a broad range of AI-powered IoT devices, GDDR memory’s combination of high bandwidth, low latency, power efficiency and suitability for high-volume applications will be increasingly important. The latest Rambus GDDR6 memory interface subsystem pushes data rates to 24 Gb/s and device bandwidths to 96 GB/s.

Download this white paper to:

  • Learn about the evolution of GDDR memory
  • Discover how GDDR6 memory is ideally suited for the needs of AI/ML inference
  • Explore interface solutions for implementing GDDR6 memory

From Data Center to End Device: AI/ML Inference with GDDR6