Emerging Security Challenges in Highly Interconnected Semiconductor Systems

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The swift advancements and growing intricacy of highly interconnected semiconductor systems have led to numerous security challenges that pose risks to the integrity, reliability, and performance of modern AI-driven systems. This presentation delves into the primary emerging security threats, such as supply chain attacks, intellectual property theft, hardware Trojans, side-channel attacks, fault injection attacks, and the looming threat of quantum computers. Neeraj Paliwal will examine the consequences of these threats across different industries and discuss how a hardware “secure by design” architectural approach is essential to secure semiconductor systems.

Featured Speaker

Neeraj Paliwal, VP and GM

Neeraj Paliwal

VP General Manager, Rambus

Neeraj is currently the VP and GM at Rambus Security BU, based out of Silicon Valley, CA. He has 20+ years of semiconductors engineering experience in compute and security domains. At Rambus, Neeraj is responsible for the CryptoManager Secure Silicon IP and Provisioning products. Before joining Rambus, Neeraj founded Kryptos Solutions, where he built an ultra-secure endpoint platform for high-risk government applications. Prior to that, Neeraj was the VP of Engineering at NXP Semiconductors, responsible for major OEM design-win for NXP’s NFC based secure payment platform. Neeraj also held various engineering positions at IBM and Intel working on gaming processors, and CPU products.

Neeraj graduated with a Master of Technology degree in Solid State Materials from the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi, India. He attended the Stanford Executive Program at Stanford University, California.