The CryptoManager Root of Trust products are fully-programmable hardware security cores that protect against a wide range of attacks with state-of-the-art anti-tamper and security techniques. Government hardware often requires higher security protections due to sensitive information being stored or processed. As with every product within the CryptoManager Root of Trust 600-series, the RT-660 features a custom 32-bit RISC-V siloed and layered secure co-processor, along with dedicated secure memories. The RT-660 adds an additional layer of protection through the implementation of Differential Power Analysis (DPA)-protected cryptographic accelerators, including AES-AE-16, HMAC 512 & SHA-2, 3DES, RSA 4K, ECC 521, and a NIST-compliant Random Bit Generator.

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CryptoManager Root of Trust RT-660 Cover