Automotive Security: Meeting the Growing Challenges

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Vehicle systems and the semiconductors used within them represent some of today’s most complex electronics. In the drive to autonomous vehicles, increasingly sophisticated electronic systems are being developed for powertrain and vehicle dynamics, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), vehicle-to-everything (V2E) connectivity, infotainment, and in-vehicle experience. In addition to achieving higher levels of performance, these systems must meet automotive functional safety requirements as specified by ISO 26262.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The ongoing evolution of cars to software-defined vehicles
  • The automotive-grade performance and security needed by electronics to ensure state-of-the-art functionality and reliably safe operation
  • Protecting automotive systems by establishing identity, authenticity and traceability of automotive chips
  • How to provide robust security of ECUs and secure transmission of data over automotive networks
  • Industry-leading security and interface IP solutions that can make powerful, fast and secure automotive electronics


Nina Turner

Nina Turner

Research Director, Semiconductor Technology Supply Chain Intelligence; Enabling Technologies: AI and Automotive Semiconductors

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Nina Turner is a Research Director on IDC’s Enabling Technologies and Semiconductor team. Her core research coverage includes the Semiconductor Applications Forecaster(SAF) product, automotive technology, and energy and smart building research. Ms. Turner has extensive experience in various technology industries, supply chain management, product development and management, and market and technology strategic assessment.

Bart Stevens

Bart Stevens

Sr. Director of Product Management, Security Rambus

Bart Stevens is senior director of product management for Rambus Security. He is an expert on embeådded security for Enterprise, Cloud, Automotive, Networking, Wireless, IoT and Mobile applications. Before joining Rambus, Bart held positions at Inside Secure as Vice President of silicon IP and secure communication, and as Director of product management, with responsibility for security chip and silicon IP products. Prior to those roles, Bart managed SafeNet’s OEM networking and wireless HW research and development teams. He has also held product and engineering management roles at Securealink and Philips Semiconductors in the Netherlands. He began his career as an ASIC designer.